Addressing issues discussed on social media in our community

1) We offer a one season, non-bonded membership for first time members only. This is done to attract new members in the hopes they return the following summer(s) and begin the required five year bond payment plan. We do not offer an ongoing membership without a bond.
2) Current swim club members in good standing (those who have paid a bond, or are in the process of paying a bond, and have paid their annual dues) are notified via email and snail mail about the two bi-yearly open meetings held at the swim club. This does not include those who have resigned from the swim club, however, if a prior member is interested in attending an open swim club meeting, they are welcome. Simply email the swim club for the dates.
3 )The swim club operates as a private, non-profit entity (501c7). We do not receive any financial aid or incentives from the town. Our dues and fees go toward payroll, property taxes, insurance, operating and capital expenses. In short, everything that is needed to open the gates of the swim club every Memorial Day weekend for the past 50 plus years.
4) The list of those who are waiting for the return of their bond payment is of utmost importance to us. We do not take this responsibility lightly and work very hard not only to keep the swim club open, but to attract new members. We are currently exploring ways to offset some costs and always have. The simple fact is, membership is down and we can only refund bonds when there is money available to do so. 

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