Frequently Asked Questions


What facilities does the Washington Township Recreation Club offer its members?

  • A heated Olympic-sized pool surrounded by complimentary lounge chairs
  • A fenced-in kiddie pool located next to the main pool
  • Full locker and shower facilities
  • An enclosed club house that can be rented for special occasions
  • A covered recreation area with ping pong and foosball tables
  • A full-service snack stand operated by offering hot and cold food, snacks and drinks
  • A shaded picnic area

To what temperature is the pool heated?

  • The pool is heated to a minimum temperature of 78°, with an average pool temperature of 82°.

Can we use floats or “puddle jumpers?”

  • Untied States Coast Guard approved “puddle jumpers” are permitted in the main pool as long as child is potty trained and accompanied by an adult.
  • Designated days are “raft days” when members can bring a float or raft to enjoy in the main pool.


What special events does the Washington Township Recreation Club offer its members?

  • Back to the Pool Party
  • 4th of July Party
  • Splish Splash Nights for kids 7 and up
  • Raft Days
  • Movie Nights
  • The Wibit inflatable obstacle course
  • Craft Day
  • Story Time
  • Watercize


Who owns and operates the Washington Township Recreation Club?

  • We are a private swim club owned by our members. Our membership pays for a share of the pool. Each share is currently valued at $725, which can be paid all at once or over a 5-year period.
  • The pool is operated by an elected Board of Trustees.

Does the Club receive municipal funding?

  • No, we do not receive municipal funding.
  • Our main sources of funding to cover our operating expenses are our annual membership dues.

How can members become full shareholders?

  • Members can make one or more lump-sum payments or can pay their share over a 5-year period with a shareholder payment plan.

Do you have to live in Washington Township to become a member of the Club?

  • No, any family or individual may join the Club, regardless of where they reside.

Can members bring guests to the Club?

  • Yes, members can pay a fee at the gate for their guests or purchase discounted guest pass cards ahead of time.


Does the Washington Township Recreation Club offer its members swim lessons?

  • Yes, members receive 14  free swim lessons.
  • Additional swim lessons may be scheduled for a fee.

What are the swim lessons like?

  • 30 minutes per day, Monday through Friday
  • Available throughout the day to accommodate different schedules
  • Taught by American Red Cross certified lifeguards with a maximum of 8 swimmers per class
  • Grouped according to the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Learn-to-Swim levels:
    • Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills
    • Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills
    • Level 3: Stroke Development
    • Level 4: Stroke Improvement
    • Level 5: Stroke Refinement
    • Level 6: Swimming and Skill Proficiency

Do swimmers have any other opportunities to improve their swim skills?

  • Yes, we offer swim clinics run by Scarlet Aquatics.

At what age can a child take swim lessons?

  • There is no specific age, Children can start swim lessons once they are fully potty trained. The lessons are taught in the main pool and per board of health regulations only fully potty trained children are allowed in the main pool.


Does the Washington Township Recreation Club have a swim team?

  • Yes, our swim team competes in the Super Six League with Ramsey, Paramus, Stonybrook, Crestwood Lake and Saddle River Valley.

Who can participate in the swim team?

  • All members ages 5 to 17 can participate in the swim team.

Do children have to have a certain level of swim skill to participate in the swim team?

  • No, all members ages 5 to 17 are eligible to participate.

When does the swim team practice?

  • Evening practices for swimmers ages 7-17 take place in June.
  • Regular practices for all swimmers take place Monday through Friday from late June to late July.
    • Swimmers ages 5-6 practice in the morning.
    • Swimmers ages 7-17 practice in the morning and/or evening.

When are swim team meets held?

  • Swim team dual meets are held on three Wednesdays and three Saturdays in July.
    • Wednesday meets begin with warm up at 5:00 PM and races start at 6:00 PM.
    • Saturday meets begin with warm up at 8:00 AM and races start at 9:00 AM.
  • Individual swimmers and relay teams may qualify to participate in the Super Six League Championship Meet in late July and the County Championship Meet in early August.


Does the Washington Township Recreation Club have free WiFi for its members?

  • Yes, we now offer free WiFi for all members poolside.

Does the Washington Township Recreation Club have a mailing list?

  • Yes, you can subscribe to our Mail Chimp account to receive updated information on our club’s hours and activities.
  • You can add as many email addresses as your family needs.
  • You can subscribe by clicking here.