Addressing issues discussed on social media in our community

1) We offer a one season, non-bonded membership for first time members only. This is done to attract new members in the hopes they return the following summer(s) and begin the required five year bond payment plan. We do not offer an ongoing membership without a bond.2) Current swim club members in good standing (those who have paid a bond, or are in the process of paying a bond, and have paid their annual dues) are notified via email and snail mail about the two bi-yearly open meetings held at the swim club. This does not include those who have …

Swim Team

WTRC is proud to offer a summer swim team program! Our competitive league – Super Six – includes Paramus, Saddle River Valley, Ramsey, Stony Brook and Crestwood Lake.  Our team is open to children ages 5-17, with no previous swim team experience necessary. Children should be able to swim 15-25 meters depending on age, without help. Summer swim team is an excellent way for children to improve their swimming ability, confidence and endurance.  Swim teams are one of the few sporting activities where both seasoned swimmers and young swimmers alike work together as a team.  Children socialize with others from …

Swim Lessons Bergen County NJ

Take advantage of this great membership perk!! All members: New, bonded, or working toward a bond: receive FREE swim lessons — a $350 value!! We offer non-member swim lessons too! Call (201) 664-4344 for further information. All those interested in swim lessons in Bergen County NJ, please call.