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Finding the best masters swimming clubs for adults can greatly enhance your swimming experience, whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your skills. These clubs offer structured workouts, coaching, camaraderie, and opportunities to participate in competitions. Here’s a guide to some of the top masters swimming clubs around:


1. Masters Swimming USA

Location: Nationwide, USA
Overview: Masters Swimming USA is a national organization with affiliated clubs across the country. They cater to swimmers of all levels, providing coached workouts, technique clinics, and social events. Members can participate in local, regional, and national meets.

2. US Masters Swimming (USMS)

Location: Nationwide, USA
Overview: USMS is another prominent organization offering adult swimming programs throughout the United States. They focus on fitness, competition, and camaraderie. USMS clubs provide structured workouts led by certified coaches, stroke clinics, and access to competitive events.

3. Masters Swimming Canada

Location: Canada
Overview: Masters Swimming Canada supports adult swimmers across the country with a network of clubs. They emphasize fitness, skill development, and competition. Members benefit from coached workouts, technique instruction, and the opportunity to compete in provincial and national meets.

4. London Fields Triathlon Club

Location: London, UK
Overview: Known for its inclusive atmosphere, the London Fields Triathlon Club offers a masters swimming program alongside triathlon training. They welcome swimmers of varying abilities and focus on improving technique and endurance through structured workouts.

5. Team New York Aquatics

Location: New York, USA
Overview: Team New York Aquatics is an LGBTQ+ inclusive masters swimming club based in New York City. They provide coached workouts, technique clinics, and social events, fostering a supportive community for swimmers of all levels and identities.

6. Sydney University Masters Swimming Club

Location: Sydney, Australia
Overview: The Sydney University Masters Swimming Club offers a range of programs for adult swimmers, from fitness-oriented sessions to competitive training. They provide access to coached workouts, stroke correction clinics, and participation in local and national meets.


Joining a masters swimming club for adults can be a rewarding experience, offering structured training, social connections, and opportunities for personal improvement and competition. Whether you’re aiming to stay fit, refine your technique, or compete at a higher level, these clubs provide the support and resources you need to achieve your swimming goals. Check out their programs, visit their facilities, and find the club that best suits your needs and interests to dive into the world of masters swimming!

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